BASIQs is for Coaches

Develop Game-IQ
in your Youth Athletes

With our Coaches’ Console, you can:

  • Easily create and send Games for your real-world Athletes to play on their smartphones (in our free Athletes’ App). Games can be used for many purposes, including reinforcement of your real-world practices, reviews of plays that went right (or wrong!) in real-world game situations, etc.
  • Focus your Game questions on subject matter like:

    • Defensive Situations – with built-in animation
    • Base-running Situations – with built-in animation
    • General knowledge – categorized and can link to video or other external content
    • Scouting – categorized and can link to video or other external content
  • Do so with minimal demands on your time – no user list administration, no invitations – just easy, elegant creation and management of whatever content you want to teach or reinforce with your athletes


BASIQs is for Athletes

Interact with your Coaches
& Teammates in our cool and fun (and free!) app

 With our free Athletes’ App, you can:

  • Check your knowledge of 7,000+ Defensive Situations (content included in the free app)
  • Play Custom Games created by your real-world Coaches
  • Challenge your real-world teammates to play Games you have played… and track your status on the Leaderboard

BASIQs Baseball

BASIQs Softball

Demo what it’s like when Coaches and Athletes connect!

If you would like to experience the Coach/Athlete connection in BASIQs, complete the form below, and we will send you a Demo Team Code.

  1. Get the free Athlete’s app now (Note the 7,000+ Defensive Situations you can play in the free app!)
  2. Provide your name and email below
  3. We will email you a Demo Team Code
  4. Enter the Demo Team Code in the Athlete’s App and play some demo Custom Games associated with that Demo Team

Customize Situations & Strategies for Your Team

As a coach, league director or private instructor, we give you a quick, easy-to-use interface for creating and sending content to the App on your players’ smartphones. Some of the best uses we’re seeing for this include:


An animated interface to show what a Player should do in the thousands of defensive and base-running situations.



• League runs a bunting clinic and follows-up by sending a custom BASIQs Game.
• Coach works on outfield relays/cut-offs in practice and follows-up by sending a custom BASIQs Game.
• Private hitting instructor works on hip-turn in a lesson and follows-up by sending pointers, drills and video links via a custom BASIQs Game.


Reinforce what a team did well and highlight what a team did not do well just after a game.


Key reminders about specific, upcoming opponents


Teach and reinforce various rules of the game… both age-specific rules (lead-offs, stealing, etc) and more complicated rules like Infield-Fly-Rule, etc.

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BASIQs Baseball


BASIQs Softball

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BASIQs Baseball


BASIQs Softball


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